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Advocate Tommy Ntsewa: Championing Equality and Innovation in Pursuit of Public Protector Role



Advocate Tommy Ntsewa: Championing Equality and Innovation in Pursuit of Public Protector Role

Advocate Tommy Ntsewa: Championing Equality and Innovation in Pursuit of Public Protector Role.In the running for the esteemed position of Public Protector, Advocate Tommy Ntsewa has put forth his commitment to treating all complaints with uniform attention, regardless of their nature. Drawing from his extensive experience as an officer of the court, Ntsewa emphasized that no complaint will be deemed more significant or trivial than another.

Advocate Tommy Ntsewa: Championing Equality and Innovation in Pursuit of Public Protector Role

Ntsewa underlined the importance of adhering to the rule of law and ensuring that every individual has equitable access to justice. He stressed that equality before the law should not only be a theoretical concept but a tangible reality.

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Diverse Background and Qualifications

As the chairperson of the NSFAS Independent Appeal Tribunal and with a distinguished career spanning both public and private sectors, Ntsewa brings a diverse background and a wealth of experience to the table. His familiarity with complex cases and legal processes positions him well for the responsibilities of the Public Protector role.

Commitment to Investigative Work

Addressing questions from Parliament members about his investigative capabilities, Ntsewa revealed that he received investigative training during his transition from non-statutory forces to the SAPS after 1994.

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Innovative Approaches to Resource Challenges

Facing queries regarding innovative strategies for the resource-constrained environment in the country, Ntsewa expressed support for a proposal that suggests organs of state should finance investigations conducted by the Public Protector’s office. He cited the precedent set by the Auditor General South Africa and proposed adapting a similar mechanism.

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In a bid to combat corruption and maladministration, Ntsewa introduced the concept of establishing an anti-corruption fund. This fund would involve contributions from organs of state, earmarked for entities like the Office of the Public Protector, dedicated to combating corruption.

Outreach and Accessibility

Ntsewa underscored the importance of reaching marginalized and remote communities. He stressed that reliance solely on digital platforms could further isolate rural populations from accessing the institution. He advocated for leveraging community radio stations as an effective means to extend the Public Protector’s reach.

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Ntsewa proposed the initiative “Public Protector Meets the People,” which would involve organizing interactive sessions, known as Imbizos, to engage with communities and better understand their concerns.

Furthermore, Ntsewa emphasized the need for an improved digital framework that facilitates the submission of complaints to the office, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.


Ntsewa’s candidacy for the Public Protector role is rooted in his commitment to treating all complaints impartially, leveraging innovative approaches to resource challenges, and ensuring the office’s outreach extends even to the most remote corners of the country. His extensive background and diverse experiences position him as a strong contender for this crucial role.

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