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350 Status Check @Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, Banking Details



350 Status Check @Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za

350 Status Check @Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, Banking Details.This article provides information about 350 Status Check SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, and Banking Details. This article provides information regarding 350 Status Check SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, Banking Details, and other important details.

Sassa SRD 350 Status Check

People experiencing extreme financial hardship and unable to provide basic necessities for their households may qualify for social relief of distress. Social Relief of Distress benefits are available to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements. Financial support and other benefits can be obtained in this way.

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Eligible applicants can check their 350 Status by visiting the South African Social Security Agency’s authorized web portal. Furthermore, checking your 350 Status is quite simple. Therefore, applicants can check their 350 Status using their ID number and registered phone number.

SASSA SRD Overview

Name Social Relief of Distress
Administered by SASSA
Grant Dates (Older persons) July 4
Disability Grants July 5
Children’s Grants July 6
Status Check

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Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za Payment Status

You can check your 350 Status on the SASSA’s authorized website ( if you successfully submitted your application. Providing assistance to its citizens is SASSA’s top priority. Even after their applications have been approved by SASSA, some people are having trouble receiving their grants. The grant will be sent to them shortly, and they can check the 350 Status at

To check the 350 Status

  • Visit SASSA’s official website (
  • Please enter your ID number and phone number correctly.
  • Select the month from the Dashboard.
  • Upon selecting a month, the status will be displayed. (Approved/Pending/Denied).
  • Additionally, applicants can check this through the mobile application. You can check your 350 status by logging in with the same credentials.

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SASSA SRD Status Check

South African citizens who applied for SRD and submitted their applications can check the status of their 350 grant through the authorized web portal and mobile application. Detailed information regarding SRD, such as process, benefits, status, details, banking details, payment date, appeal, etc., is available on the South African Social Security Agency’s authorized web portal.

This initiative is providing support to many people in SA. Many people’s grants are still pending even after their applications have been verified. Therefore, these citizens must wait patiently for this significant agency to process their applications.

The grant can be collected at the nearest post office or through a bank. You can find the SASSA’s authorized web portal for payment dates for older persons, children’s grants, and disability grants. Due to processing times at this significant agency, the grant distribution process may take longer than expected.

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In the event that SASSA rejects your grant application for any reason, you may appeal the decision. The following reasons may contribute to the decline of SRD applications:

  • SASSA identifies alternative income sources.
  • The identification verification failed. The data in the DHA’s database does not match the information in the SRD application.
  • There is an existing SASSA grant.
  • The debtor
  • Registered with UIF
  • Ages outside the range
  • Registered with NSFAS
  • In the DHA database, there is a record of the applicant’s death.
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SRD Appeal Times

A SRD Appeal can be applied for if you do not fall into these categories and your application was rejected by mistake. The appeal must also be submitted within 90 days of the rejection of the application. In order to accomplish this-

  • SASSA’s authorized web portal can be accessed here.
  • Enter your ID and phone number in the appeal option.
  • Verify the pin by clicking on the send pin button.
  • To appeal, select the appeal option after verification.
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SASSA SRD Banking Details

In order to receive the grant into the beneficiary’s bank account, SASSA must receive the beneficiary’s banking details. In order to accomplish this-

  • SASSA’s authorized web portal can be accessed here.
  • To update the banking information, click the link.
  • Proceed to the next step after submitting your ID number.
  • The registered mobile number will receive a link. You can submit SASSA SRD banking details by clicking this link.
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